2019 Paper Abstracts due April 2nd

Every year, the Bertrand Russell Society has an annual meeting. Any of its members is welcome to present a paper. At annual meetings, we also have a membership meeting and a board meeting to conduct Society business. The next annual meeting will be held at University of Massachusetts–Amherst on 20-22 June 2019. Folks may register … Continue reading 2019 Paper Abstracts due April 2nd

2019 Renewal Draw!

It is renewal draw time! Members that renew or gift memberships for 2019 before January 1st will be entered into a drawing for a copy of The Philosophy of Logical Atomism: A Centenary Reappraisal. Rumor has it that the editors might autograph the copy, too. Renewals may be completed here: Why Renew? Why should … Continue reading 2019 Renewal Draw!

2018 in Review – Russell Research Centre

We encourage you all to read the note, New and of Note, from the Bertrand Russell Research Centre's Andrew Bone! Here is the link: It is also quoted below: 2018 has been a busy and productive, if not momentous, year in the life of the Bertrand Russell Research Centre. The most significant development has … Continue reading 2018 in Review – Russell Research Centre

Call for Papers: 2019 Meeting (Amherst, MA)

Our president, Timothy Madigan, has just put out the call for papers for the Bertrand Russell Society's 2019 meeting! The 2019 meeting is locally organized by our vice-president, Kevin C. Klement. The BRS 2019 meeting is also held just after the SSHAP 2019 meeting. Participants are encouraged to attend and present at both meetings! The … Continue reading Call for Papers: 2019 Meeting (Amherst, MA)