Every year, the Bertrand Russell Society has an annual meeting. Any of its members is welcome to present a paper. At annual meetings, we also have a membership meeting, and a board meeting, to conduct Society business.

The next annual meeting will be held online on 18-19 June 2021. Folks may register for the annual meeting here (given the move to an online format, the rates are to be determined, but are likely to be zero). Folks may see the list of speakers and paper titles here. The meeting is locally and virtually organized by our president, David Blitz.

A list of previous annual meetings is available here. Below is a list of all upcoming Russell-related meetings below. If you wish to add a meeting, just let us know!

  • 2021 June 18-19 (online): Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting (Call for Papers)
  • 2020 June 19-20 (online): Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting (Call for Papers)
  • 2019 June 20-22: Bertrand Russell Society Annual Meeting (Call for Papers)
  • 2019 June 17-19: SSHAP annual meeting (link)
  • 2019 January 28-29: The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, 1918-2018 (link)
  • 2018 October 5: Hamilton Arts & Letters hosts a free evening reception for their 10th Anniversary Issue, “Three Passions”: a special issue on Russell, at the Hamilton Gallery of Art (123 King St. W., Hamilton, Ontario) at 19:00 (doors open at 18:30)
  • 2018 September 22: Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture “What Hath Trump Wrought” with Dr. Andrew Bacevich (Boston University, emeritus) (link)
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