The Bertrand Russell Society is a non-profit organization (a incorporated entity with IRS non-profit status). We welcome donations! Donations go towards our three aims:

  1. to promote interest in the life and work of Bertrand Russell (1872–1970)
  2. to bring together persons interested in any aspect of the foregoing
  3. to promote causes that Russell championed

We would be quite touched by your support of these aims. Now more than ever, humanity needs free-thinkers and pursuers of knowledge, and persons driven chiefly by their love for their fellows.

To donate, you may click one of the payment buttons below. We accept credit and debit card payments, and payments through PayPal accounts. (In either case, the Russell Society neither sees nor holds your payment information.)

We are grateful for any amount! Donations are recognized in our membership list as follows:

  • Contributor $20+
  • Sustainer $40+
  • Sponsor $60+
  • Patron $200+
  • Benefactor $400+


We will send a donation receipt and ask if the donation is dedicated, e.g., in anyone's name, or for a particular cause. Donations are in increments of $10 (USD).


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