“It’s a busy time for Russell scholars”

Even during a pandemic that has shuttered much activity outside the home, there is a lot going on in Russell-world! See this write-up by Sonia Verma for the latest: https://dailynews.mcmaster.ca/articles/its-a-busy-time-for-bertrand-russell-scholars/?fbclid=IwAR3ggb1XVm3Q7lRgGZGJBkERknE0btudGf3yjE1FzGiUNGBe-8Kgpd6nP5I

NEW: Sheila Turcon’s “The Homes of Bertrand Russell”

We are delighted to see that one of our Society's directors, Sheila Turcon (Bertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster University), has turned her scholarship on the homes of Bertrand Russell into an online resource! Over his 97 years, Russell lived in roughly 20 residences, and we are glad to see that information we have about these … Continue reading NEW: Sheila Turcon’s “The Homes of Bertrand Russell”

The Brixton Letters

Anyone familiar with the Bertrand Russell Society and its work will be aware of how vital the Russell Research Centre has been in advancing the Society's aims. This year is the centenary of Russell's imprisonment in Brixton. (You can learn more about that here: http://russell-letters.mcmaster.ca/background.) In commemoration, the Russell Research Centre has outdone themselves: they … Continue reading The Brixton Letters