Happy 148th, Bertrand Russell!

Bertrand Russell was born on 18th May 1872. So today is the 148th year since his birthday. Happy birthday to Lord Russell! To mark the occasion, see this excellent recollection of John Amberley on the occasion of Russell's birth (quoted from The Amberley Papers, and thanks to Spokesman Books for first posting the passage today): … Continue reading Happy 148th, Bertrand Russell!

NEW: Sheila Turcon’s “The Homes of Bertrand Russell”

We are delighted to see that one of our Society's directors, Sheila Turcon (Bertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster University), has turned her scholarship on the homes of Bertrand Russell into an online resource! Over his 97 years, Russell lived in roughly 20 residences, and we are glad to see that information we have about these … Continue reading NEW: Sheila Turcon’s “The Homes of Bertrand Russell”

Today: 50 years since Russell’s death

50 years ago today, at 97 years of age, Bertrand Arthur William Russell died. The Bertrand Russell Society wishes to take this occasion to mark and celebrate his legacy. Russell was a Nobel Laureate, a peace activist strongly opposed to nuclear armaments and the Vietnam War, and deeply concerned with the plight of humankind. As … Continue reading Today: 50 years since Russell’s death