NEW: Sheila Turcon’s “The Homes of Bertrand Russell”

We are delighted to see that one of our Society’s directors, Sheila Turcon (Bertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster University), has turned her scholarship on the homes of Bertrand Russell into an online resource! Over his 97 years, Russell lived in roughly 20 residences, and we are glad to see that information we have about these places are being collected into one place.

The introduction to the project begins:

Leonard Woolf wrote that the house in which one lives “is the framework of what one does” (Downhill All the Way, p. 14).

Thus this project will give us an improved understanding of the physical frameworks for Russell’s intellectual works. A link to this website will also be posted on our resources page. And to keep folks informed, we will make sure to check the project site for updates and post them here!

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