2020 Annual Meeting going Online: COVID-19 Update

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Bertrand Russell Society 2020 Annual Meeting will be held online. Please check our website for further updates: https://bertrandrussellsocietyorg.wordpress.com/meetings/. Logistical details about how to set up your software and so forth, so as to participate in or present at the annual meeting, will be posted here: https://bertrandrussellsocietyorg.wordpress.com/meetings/logistics/.

Paper abstracts are still being accepted through April 2nd. Paper submissions can be entered here: https://bertrandrussellsocietyorg.wordpress.com/submissions/. The papers accepted into the program so far are available here: https://bertrandrussellsocietyorg.wordpress.com/papers/. Note that one must be a member in good standing to present at the annual meeting.

One silver lining is that the cost of entry into the annual meeting may be significantly lower or even $0. But even if all associated registration fees are eliminated, or if some minimal registration fee is maintained, we will most likely ask all participants to register here: https://bertrandrussellsocietyorg.wordpress.com/registration/.

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