Call for Papers: 2019 Meeting (Amherst, MA)

Our president, Timothy Madigan, has just put out the call for papers for the Bertrand Russell Society's 2019 meeting! The 2019 meeting is locally organized by our vice-president, Kevin C. Klement. The BRS 2019 meeting is also held just after the SSHAP 2019 meeting. Participants are encouraged to attend and present at both meetings! The … Continue reading Call for Papers: 2019 Meeting (Amherst, MA)

2018 Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture

The Bertrand Russell Society is happy to promote the 2018 Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture. The lecture is free and open to the public! The lecture, "What Hath Trump Wrought", is to be given by Dr. Andrew Bacevich, Professor Emeritus of the International Relation and History program at Boston University. The lecture will be held on … Continue reading 2018 Bertrand Russell Peace Lecture

Honorary Members

The Bertrand Russell Society awards honorary membership for meeting at least one of the following criteria: they are a member of Bertrand Russell's family they worked closely with Russell in an important way they have made a distinctive contribution to Russell scholarship they have acted in support of a cause or idea that Russell championed … Continue reading Honorary Members

Bertrand Russell Society Award

The Bertrand Russell Society Award is granted to a person or organization that has advanced the aims of the Bertrand Russell Society. Past recipients are: 2017 Democracy Now! 2016 Philosophy Now 2015 A. C. Grayling 2014 Michael Ruse 2011 Brian Greene 2010 Jonathan Miller 2009 Richard Dawkins 2008 Mario Bunge 2006 Sir Martin Rees 2004 … Continue reading Bertrand Russell Society Award

The Brixton Letters

Anyone familiar with the Bertrand Russell Society and its work will be aware of how vital the Russell Research Centre has been in advancing the Society's aims. This year is the centenary of Russell's imprisonment in Brixton. (You can learn more about that here: In commemoration, the Russell Research Centre has outdone themselves: they … Continue reading The Brixton Letters