Bulletin No. 161 now online

Russellians will be pleased to hear that Issue #161 of our Bulletin is now available for download on our Bulletin Series page! The table of contents is given below.

  • Michael D. Stevenson, “From the Editor’s Desk”
  • Ray Perkins, Jr., “In Memoriam: Jack Clontz”
  • Andrew G. Bone, “Letters and Pictures from Russell’s Australian Lecture Tour”
  • William Bruneau, “Russell’s Letters: Beyond Brixton”
  • Gregory Landini, “Mathematics Against Its Metaphysicians: Oddities (?) in Principia”
  • Nicholas Griffin, “Reply to Landini”
  • Kenneth Blackwell, “Bertrand Russell and George Orwell: Their Mutual Influence”
  • Adam Stromme, “”Changing Beliefs and Unchanging Hopes”: Bertrand Russell on Capitalism & Socialism”

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