2022 Papers

Subject to Covid precautions and constraints on large events and international travel, the 2022 annual meeting will be held in-person on 3-5 June 2022 at McMaster Universtiy in Hamilton, Ontario, with some hybrid talks built-in. The meeting is locally and virtually organized by Andrew Bone, Nancy Doubleday, the Bertrand Russell Research Centre, and the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University.

Program and schedule (as of June 1st)

Reading for Master Class with Peter Stone: “Rousseau” from History of Western Philosophy

Talks, titles, and speakers

Adam StrommeIndependent“The Last Survivor of a Dead Epoch”: Russell, Kant, and the British Empiricists
Andy BoneBertrand Russell Research Centre, McMaster UniversityRussell, the Foreign Office and the Boxer Indemnity Fund
Bernard LinskyUniversity of Alberta – emeritusThe use of dots in Principia Mathematica
Chad TrainerIndependentReflections on Russell
Chen YangPurdue UniversityA New Way to Justify the Neo-Russellian Critique of the Notion of Cause
Cheung Wai LokThe Chinese University of Hong KongA Kripkean understanding of contextual definition: a Russellian description theory of proper name through epistemic situationality
Dan O’LearyIndependentSocial Network Analysis Based on Russell’s Correspondence of 1918 Cited in BRACERS
Daniele MezzadriUnited Arab Emirates UniversityRussell’s Multiple-Relation Theory and Wittgenstein’s Picture Theory
David BlitzCentral Connecticut State UniversityInteractive Timeline of Russell’s Work, Life and Times /or/ Relevance of Russell on War and Peace
Dustin OlsonUniversity of Regina, Luther CollegeHuman Knowledge and Scientific Philosophy
Gregory Landini & Landon ElkindUniversity of Iowa & Western Kentucky UniversityPrincipia and zPrincipia: New axioms yielding Infinity
Gülberk Koç MacleanMount Royal UniversityRussell on Rationality
Jahnabi DekaGauhati UniversityToward Social Cohesion: Exploring Non-Logical Stances of Russell’s Philosophy of Logical Analysis
James ConnellyTrent UniversityWittgenstein and Russell’s 1913 Theory of Knowledge
Jared Hanson-ParkPhD Candidate, University of MiamiScience and Interpretation in The Analysis of Matter
Jeff FrankSt. Lawrence UniversityCourageous Liberalism: Why Bertrand Russell’s Public Writing on Education Continues to Matter
Jeremiah CashoreIndependent (Undergraduate Student)Russell’s Diagram of 1913 theory of judgment
John LenzDrew UniversityWas Russell Liberal or Radical? Or, Russell and the Enlightenment
Ken BlackwellMcMaster UniversityBertie Turns 90
Landon ElkindWestern Kentucky University“I like her very much—she has very good brains.”: Dorothy Wrinch’s influence on Bertrand Russell
Marcelino BotinUniversity of BarcelonaRussellian Physicalists Get Our Phenomenal Concepts Wrong.
Michael D. StevensonLakehead UniversityBertrand Russell’s Barnes Foundation Lectures
Peter StoneTrinity College DublinMaster Class, “Russell on Rousseau”
Sangeetha KSIndependentRussell’s Structuralism and Knowledge of Things: Are they parallel stories?
Tim MadiganSt. John Fisher CollegeSteve Allen “Meets” Bertrand Russell
Tony SimpsonBertrand Russell Peace FoundationWho was Edith?
Tyke NunezUniversity of South CarolinaThe Twilight of Intuition and Russell’s Early Hylomorphism: Space in Russell’s Foundations of Geometry
William BruneauUniversity of British ColumbiaConsistency and Conviction: Russell on Education, 1915-1965
As of Sunday, April 24, 2022

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