2020 Presentations

Below is a list of accepted speakers and their talk titles for the 2020 Annual Meeting to be held on 19-20 June 2020, plus their video presentations (if any). Full papers and abstracts are posted here. The meeting will be held online due to COVID-19, and is locally and virtually organized by our president, David Blitz.

  • David Blitz (Central Connecticut State University) “Russell and Leibniz (in part)”
  • Fizza Chaudry, Richard Dejesus, Saad Islam, Amy Lezon (Central Connecticut State University) “An interactive timeline of Bertrand Russell’s life”
  • James Connelly (Trent University Durham-GTA) Revisiting Landini on Wittgenstein’s Critique of Russell’s MRTJ
  • Dennis Darland (Independent Scholar) “On a Multiple Relation Theory of Belief”
  • Landon D. C. Elkind (University of Iowa) “Generalized Molecular Formulas in Logical Atomism”
  • Alexander Klein (McMaster University) “Russell’s Representationalism About Consciousness: Reconsidering His Relationship to James”
  • Gregory Landini (University of Iowa) “Gödel Incompleteness Doesn’t Hold in Principia Mathematica
  • Tim Madigan (St. John Fisher College) “Reports of His Death were Sometimes Exaggerated: The Many Obituaries of Bertrand Russell”
  • Abdul Latif Mondal (Aligarh Muslim University) “Bertrand Russell on Sensations and Images”
  • Giovanni Battista Ratti (University of Genoa) “On Russell’s Ways Out”
  • Michael Stevenson (Lakehead University) “Bertrand Russell at UCLA, 1939-1940”
  • Peter Stone (Trinity College, Dublin) “Chomsky and Russell Revisited”
  • Adam Stromme (Independent Scholar) “Russell and Smith”
  • Laurie Thomas (Independent Scholar) “On the Notion of Cause”
  • Ethan Tion and Hans Loewig (Independent Scholars) “Bertrand Russell’s Theory of Impulse”

Gregory Landini’s Presentation

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