2021 Papers

Below is the conference program for the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held on 18-19 June 2021. Below the conference program is also a list of speakers and talk titles for each panel, plus agenda items for the board meeting and membership meeting. All times are given in Eastern Standard Time. Registration is free and open to the public, but registration is required to get the meeting links. You may register here. The meeting will be held online due to COVID-19, and is locally and virtually organized by our president, David Blitz.

Friday, June 18th

3-4:30 pmPanel: Biographical
5-6 pmBoard Meeting

Saturday, June 19th

9-10:30 amPanel: Logical Analysis
10:45 am – 12:45 pmPanel: Philosophical Issues
12:45-1:30 pmLunch break (videos of Russell will be played)
1:30-3:30 pmPanel: Russell and Others
3:45-4:45 pmMaster Class with Peter Stone: “What is freedom?” (download link)
5-5:30 pmBRS Awards (with recorded comments from Dr. Anthony Fauci)
5:30-6 pmMembership Meeting

Panel talks, titles, and speakers


  • Ruth Derham, “To be Frank: The Personal Philosophy of Bertrand’s Brother”
  • Tony Simpson, “Bertrand Russell’s Film Obituary that Never Was”
  • Tim Madigan, “Should We Take Humor Seriously? A Russellian Analysis”
  • (chair) Adam Stromme

Logical Analysis

  • Emma Sephton, “The Limits of Rooting Our Logical Notions of Existence in the Empirical: Applying Russell’s Theory of Fact, Induction, and Negative Generalizations”
  • James Connolly, “Stevens on Principia Mathematica‘s Type Theory and Russell’s Multiple Relation Theory of Judgment”
  • Landon D. C. Elkind, “The Propositional Logic of Principia in Coq”
  • (chair) David Blitz

Philosophical Issues

Russell and Others

  • Charles Pigden, “Russell, Lakatos, and the Renaissance of Empiricism in the Philosophy of Mathematics”
  • Jared Hanson-Park, “Russell’s Better Response to Newman”
  • Russell Wahl, “Russell and Couturat and their Changing Views on Kant”
  • Thom Weidlich, “Keynes’ Russell: How Much Did Keynes Influence Russell’s Economic Views?”
  • (chair) Tim Madigan

Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Approval of 2020 minutes – Adam Stromme
  2. President’s Report – David Blitz
  3. Treasurer’s Report – Landon D. C. Elkind
  4. Election of Officers
  5. Next Year’s Meeting
  6. Book Award Report – Russell Wahl, Kenneth Blackwell, Nicholas Griffin
  7. Technology Report – Landon D. C. Elkind and Dennis Darland
  8. Membership and Outreach – Landon D. C. Elkind
  9. Student Paper Prize Report – Adam Stromme, Ray Perkins, Peter Stone
  10. Bulletin Report – Michael Stevenson
  11. Online Report – David Blitz, Landon D. C. Elkind, Tim Madigan, John Lenz
  12. Adjournment

Membership Meeting Agenda

  1. Minutes of 2020 Meeting
  2. Next Year’s Meeting
  3. Announcement of New Officers
  4. Proposed Online Activities
  5. Membership and Outreach
  6. Adjournment
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