In Memoriam: Michael Edward Sproull Berumen (1952-2020), longtime BRS member and treasurer

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of longtime BRS member, Michael Berumen, our longtime Treasurer and editor of the Bulletin. Michael was a self-proclaimed “Philosopher, businessman, juvenile delinquent, adventurer, editor, aviator, kung fu sifu, and veteran.”

We are very grateful for his first encounter with Bertrand Russell’s thought, on a summer day in 1970 while on assignment in Fort Riley, Kansas. He bought The Problems of Philosophy and, as they say, the rest is history. We are glad for his chance encounter, which developed into such a meaningful engagement with Russellians all over the world through our Society.

Our condolences go to his widow Carol, their daughter Anastasia, and their new granddaughter Genevieve Skye Knoll. Michael will have an honor guard and will be buried at Fort Logan, a Veterans Cemetery in Denver. His website has many articles of interest, including those that he wrote about Russell:

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