2019 Annual Meeting: Reminders and Papers!

We are fast approaching the annual meeting at UMass Amherst. I encourage you all to make reservations and attend! Our terrific list of papers, abstracts, and presenters is available here: https://bertrandrussellsociety.org/papers/. One can plan around the program beginning on the evening of Thursday, June 20th and ending in the afternoon of Saturday, June 22nd.

The deadline for booking on-campus dormitory reservations, Wednesday, June 5th, is a week away. At present, only 1 single-occupancy room is unreserved, but 10 double-occupancy rooms remain available. Registration is $40 for students and $80 otherwise. Details on how to book and register for the conference are available here: https://bertrandrussellsociety.org/registration/.

Our friends at the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP) are also holding their annual meeting adjacent to ours! Be sure to attend their meeting at Boston University, too – details about their 2019 meeting are available here: http://sshap.org/category/meetings/annual-meetings/.

3 thoughts on “2019 Annual Meeting: Reminders and Papers!

  1. Hi BRS…

    I plan to make a day trip (Friday or Saturday) to the Annual Meeting with or without my wife, Dawn.

    During the next 24 hours, I will register and submit the $80 fee. Is this OK whether or not Dawn comes along?

    Regards Tim

    1. Howdy Tim,

      The going rule at conference is generally that anyone who eats the food should also register. I hope that helps!

      Yours Truly,
      Landon D. C. Elkind
      Treasurer, BRS

      1. Hi Landon….

        You should be receiving my $80..00 registration fee in the mail today if you haven’t already received it.
        (I was just wondering earlier if there was a problem with my not showing up Thursday evening for the registration at the conference.)

        I now plan to show up alone on Friday.

        Regards Tim

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