2021 Logistics

Online Annual Meeting

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Bertrand Russell Society 2021 Annual Meeting will presumptively be held online. If the this changes, the executives will let the membership know. Please check our website for further updates: https://bertrandrussellsociety.org/meetings/. Logistical details about how to set up your software and so forth, so as to participate in the annual meeting, will be posted here.

Software Options

Members of the Bertrand Russell Society interested in presenting their papers will find various free and open-access options for doing so below.

  • LibreOffice Members who want to do a presentation can do so using Microsoft PowerPoint or its free and open-access equivalent in LibreOffice. One very helpful feature is the ability to record a voice-over for each slide. This allows a virtual presentation very similar to what we would do in person: one can comment a slide as it is shown onscreen.
  • Moodle Many of us use Blackboard as a course management system to host files, collect student papers, arrange discussions and even hold real-time chats. Presenters may wish to use this software organizations its free and open-source equivalent, Moodle. This software does everything that Blackboard does, but is free and more agile, and is easy to stylize and to modify using add-ons.
  • WebEx or Zoom These are free online meeting hosts that are easy to use and easily allow for dozens of simultaneous connections.

We are currently exploring which video conferencing software would be most suitable for hosting the annual meeting. Please check here for future updates.

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